Hello, Traders!

Welcome to my trading blog. Click here to read my posts. 🙂

A little short story about me: I had been trading for about two years, and then took a break for another two years, and just recently got back into the market again. It was a roller-coaster experience for me, so this time I decided to start small.

And now I’m focusing more on refining my trading system. It’s actually harder than I thought, and it requires a lot of ruling, tweaking, and backtesting. And the worse news is that I actually need a proper backtesting system to properly test that trading system. So long story short, I’m now in the process of designing a system to test a system.

I’ve also been journaling my trades for the past weeks on a Google Sheet, which I think is a good habit. In the meantime, I’m also thinking of making this front page a more dynamic blog entry page. Well, that’ll happen way later, but expect more updates to come!

I’m also thinking of having a separate section for beginner readers in the future (if my audience wishes for it). But in the mean time, if you are really new about trading or Forex, I suggest that you visit Babypips to get started right away. Babypips has nurtured a lot of new traders lurking in the trading forums, and I would also recommend it.

Until then, I wish that all of you are well. Happy trading, guys!

Let’s do this, folks! (image courtesy of Google)


—Virtual Kim